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Denise Bidot  Photo by Victoria Janashvili

this is brilliant


Denise Bidot
Photo by Victoria Janashvili

this is brilliant

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We are a process and an unfolding.
George Eliot   

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Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.
C. S. Lewis 

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I hear some of you complaining “women always say they want a nice guy.” I know lots of women — I’m even related to a few — and I can’t say I’ve ever heard any of them say that. I can’t prove it, but this sounds like one of those things stand-up comedians say about women and everyone else just repeats. I’ve also never known a woman who cries when she breaks a nail — although I’ve known a few who swear like a 15-year-old sailor in jail — and I’ve never had a woman ask me if her outfit made her look fat unless she actually wanted and subsequently appreciated my opinion. So either I’ve stumbled upon a secret trove of women who aren’t passive-aggressive sob machines, or you need to stop mistaking Dane Cook routines for peer-reviewed sociological studies.


Switchfoot “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight” - Story behind the song

Love alone is worth the fight. That song,for me, is a daily inspiration to keep fighting, but also a reminder to fight only for love.

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